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| Sound Art | AR Audio |


Spatial Sound Design

Film Scoring

UX // Sound Design

Bernardo Lizárraga // Kuma Krimson

I'm dedicated to serve and inspire my community

with my humane approach to technology, languages and art.



As a passionate language learner and UX designer, LaLa embodies the solution to a problem who’s been following me and plenty of other language amateurs who have lost their enthusiasm with the existing solutions. Have a look below to discover the this idea's development.

VRTO: an online collaboration turned live

My first endeavor as a UX designer came as a collaborative challenge: to increase VRTO's conversion rate and to increase engagement with its target audience. To find out more about the virtual reality conference, click here.

The :

  • Research through current state analysis, interviews and surveys

  • Brainstorming workshops

  • Client-side liason

I even took charge of the live stage during VRTO 2022! That's me on the left.

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