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Native to Mazatlán; a historic musical hotspot in Mexico, I have been a film-and videogame-loving guitarist for so long, it feels as old as I.

After a decade of performing flamenco and mariachi music, language courses, an academic year in Germany and a degree in Musical Production Engineering, I am currently focusing on immersive sound design, audiobooks and podcast post-production. 

My pastimes include: reading graphic novels, all things by by Murakami and Tolkien; playlist curation and live music; learning japanese, and teaching german. 

My main fields in audio are spatial sound design--for virtual  and augmented reality--film scoring and game localization.


I've years of professional experience recording and mixing plenty of musical styles, designing acoustic spaces and performing as a guitarist.


In brief, this space exists to gradually share my work and a bit of myself, and I hope you feel free to reach out.

Check out my most recent projects in the next tabs! Soon, I'll upload my spatial mix playlist.

Spatial Sound Design

Film Scoring

Podcast post-production

Immersive Sound
VR audio

Game localization